InFuse is a free service providing easy access to aggregate data from the UK 2011 and 2001 censuses


Data coverage

InFuse contains UK 2011 and 2001 English and Welsh Census aggregate data.

About the data

UK censuses are surveys of the entire population of the UK carried out every ten years. Their primary purpose is to provide the UK government with high quality information about demographic and socio-economic characteristics on which to base policy and spending decisions. The information is also used for a wide variety of other purposes across all sectors of society.

Aggregate data from UK censuses are essentially counts of the numbers of the people and households recorded in the census surveys as possessing particular combinations of characteristics within geographical areas at a range of scales from the whole UK down to Output Areas.

About InFuse

InFuse is designed to guide users in selecting census aggregate data relating to combinations of characteristics and areas of interest to them.


  • For census aggregate data from 1971 to 2001, see Casweb
  • For matching and converting data to different geographies, see GeoConvert

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